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European Week of Regions and Cities

Youth4Regions Photo Competition

Three young photo journalists compete for one of the 2023 Megalizzi-Niedzielski prizes
Through their camera lenses we see visions of EU-funded projects.
Voting is closed.

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Construction of Klik - the Centre for the Competence of Lifelong Knowledge and Skills in Pula's hospitality and tourism sector. The construction of this building is essential for this part of Croatia, and it will bring a lot of young pupils from all around the country to study in Istria. This will be the best equipped building of its kind in Croatia. Tourism as an economic branch takes up 1/3 of the country's income, so we should give our best to the tourists coming to our country. With this project it will be possible for students to develop the skills necessary for excellent service.

Klick Pula project
  • Photo by Sara Fačko
  • Croatia
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Photo from the official opening of The Simulation Centre of Masaryk University, in Brno. The centre, supported by the European Regional Development Fund, is equipped as a real modern hospital and consists of intensive care units, operating rooms and a heliport on the roof. Medical students can try, experiment, make mistakes and learn from them before putting their acquired skills into real-life practice to save people's lives.

The Simulation Centre of Masaryk University
  • Photo by Nicole Piňosová
  • Czech Republic
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Nathan, a former tax lawyer, learns farm work at the L[AG]UM urban farm project, located on the roofs of Brussels. With ten other trainees, the 30-year-old man is harvesting vegetables the group planted earlier, to be sold at the market the next day. “There used to be such a large contradiction between my ecological conscience, and my daily life”, he explained, saying the experience provides “a true meaning” for him, as he is currently retraining.

L[AG]UM urban farm project
  • Photo by Émo Touré
  • Belgium

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