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European Week of Regions and Cities

Bridges of trust in cross-border cooperation of Ukraine and the EU: challenges and accomplishments

The full-scale vile war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, with thousands of civilian casualties and the destruction of towns and villages, has forever ended possible cooperation between these countries. Ukraine continues to fight for its membership in the European democratic, civilised world, the principles of which are at the heart of its values and freedoms and are enshrined in its Constitution. The Bridges of Trust project has been fostering municipal partnerships between the EU and Ukraine for several years. Forming these ties under normal circumstances has been well-researched and described. But the full-scale war has made its adjustments. The representatives of the local authorities participating in our project will share their experiences of the challenges and achievements that municipalities are currently facing.

  • Sq. de Meeûs 1 brussels Brussels 1000 Belgium
  • CODE: 09Side23186


Stanislav Taran

  • Project manager, Council of European Municipalities and Regions

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Mon 09/10/2023, 11:00 - 00:30 CET
Sq. de Meeûs 1 brussels Brussels 1000 Belgium
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