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European Week of Regions and Cities

Sustainable living environments in northern Sweden – culture and skills in green transition

Panel (in Swedish) to pinpoint different needs of sustainable living environments for regions in green transition. Focus on culture, skills and Västernorrland (northern Sweden). How can small and middle-sized cities shape their societies? What measures and actors are needed to build a sustainable future for established and new citizens in the green transition? From science, history, culture, skills and rural youth development we will explore paths for social sustainability in Västernorrland and Europe. Moderator: Po Tidholm, journalist/author Experts: Jonny Lundin, Region of Västernorrland as well as member of the European Committee of the Regions Mona Tajik, co-organizer Summer Vibes Youth Festival & part of Sports-project for youth Katarina Gidlund, professor, Mid Sweden University Kristoffer Berglund, theater Manager, Theatre of Västernorrland Anders Gunnarsson, expert, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions Place: Härnösand and online


Jonny Lundin

  • Member of CoR, president of the regional development board, Region of Västernorrland, Region of Västernorrland

Mona Tajik

  • Co-organizer, Summer Vibes Festival, Må-bra-projektet

Katarina L Gidlund

  • Professor, Mid Sweden University

Kristoffer Berglund

  • Theater Manager, Theater Västernorrland

Anders Gunnarsson

  • Expert, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions


Emma Nord

  • Project manager, Europe Direct Härnösand

Practical information

Tue 12/09/2023, 17:30 - 18:30 CET
Universitetsbacken 3 Västernorrland Härnösand 87131 Sweden
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Session summary

To shape the sustainability of small towns and regions in the periphery when large green investments creates oppurtunities and challenges we need to be progressive. In order to attract skills: obtain new citizens and make established citizens to maintain, we need to think of the living conditions in the region in terms of access to culture and education.

We need
- The courage to make mistakes
- Rather many small inputs than one large investment
- Create meaningful activities for citizens instead of place branding without content
- Listen to the citizens' needs
- Take care of the place already existing conditions, and create even more!

The panel was composed by experts within culture, digitalization and gender, skills and industry, and representants from regional development (CoR member) and youth in Härnösand.


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