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European Week of Regions and Cities

General info

What is the side events programme?

Side events are connected to the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023 by sharing its thematic priorities and have to be organised between 9 September and 9 November 2023. Please have a look at the Partners' Guide for the thematic priorities of the EURegionsWeek. 

Why should I apply for the side event programme?

Side events gain several benefits – even though they are not part of the official four-day programme of the European Week of Regions and Cities. For example:

Visibility – wide-range visibility on the dedicated section of the #EURegionsWeek website and in the European Week of Regions and Cities newsletter.

Branding – organisers are allowed to use the dedicated branding and templates for side events of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2023.

Target audience –awareness raising among the EURegionsWeek community and the chance to link their event to a broader European framework. Some organisers hold a side event as an annual meeting in connection to the yearly edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities.


  • Deadline applications 23 June
  • Feedback to all selected side events applications 14 July
  • Final deadline to send information for the website 1 September
  • Start of side events period 9 September
  • EURegionsWeek 9-12 October
  • Closure of side events period 9 November
  • Final reporting deadline 16 November

Who can apply?

  • Applicants must be from/or have an established residence in:

          - an EU Member State  
          - a country contributing to/participating in an EU programme

  • Associations/organisations/authorities with relevant content or actions to the #EURegionsWeek

How to apply?

Please fill in and submit the online application by 23 June 2023. To apply, please sign into your EURegionsWeek account and create a new application. If you have any problems filling in the application form, please take a look at the How to apply guide.


The application will need to specify to what extent your event relates to one of the 2023 thematic priorities, proving its attractiveness for the EURegionsWeek community.

Please include a short description and an indication of your speakers, specifying if any CoR members/local and regional politicians are involved and clarify their political group's affiliation. In addition, please also provide a direct link to a registration platform or dedicated event webpage to ensure visibility.

Applications will be subject to evaluation by the event's organisers.

Event format

Side events can be organised in an onsite, hybrid or fully digital format. In all the above formats panels must be gender balanced and reflect the diversity of the local community.

Responsibilities of the side event organisers

Overall organisation – Side events' organisers are entirely responsible for the content, organisation, management of their event (i.e.: the online platform and registration system to the event, the agenda and invitation of speakers and moderator, etc…) and promotional actions (via social media, press, and web). The #EURegionsWeek organisers may in no way be considered responsible for any organisational, logistical or content-related aspects of the side events.

Promotion – Although the side events will profit from visibility on the EURegionsWeek website, it is nevertheless important that side event organisers promote their event to the local community. By using the #EURegionsWeek, a large audience will also be attracted to any social media posts. Please download the side events branding templates and fill them in to your needs.

Feedback – Whilst applying for the side event, organisers agree to give feedback on the scope and content of their event to the #EURegionsWeek organisers (attendance, profile of participants and feedback on content) via the EURegionsWeek platform (the same account made for the initial application) within one week after the date of their event – by 16 November 2023 at the latest.

Photo captures from early side events (September) may be shown during the EURegionsWeek, subject to material that would be made available to